Violinist at your Ceremony

How Simon Jordan enhances civil and religious wedding ceremonies
Violinist at Your Ceremony

A beautifully played solo violin makes your wedding ceremony sound perfect at the following moments – 

Religious Wedding Ceremony

Religious Wedding Ceremony Music

The Prelude

Live violin music as your guests arrive at the church

As your guests enter the church, a violinist can get them seated more quickly and set the tone for this most traditional part of the day. Many brides and grooms opt for light classical music for this moment, creating a stunning mix of tradition and occasion. Live violin music can also act as a conversation-starter for those guests who have not seen each other in years!

The Processional

Music for the Bride’s Entrance

From the Wedding March to Christina Perri and John Legend, nothing is off-limits for this violinist. This is the moment that will remain in the minds of everyone who attends for weeks and years to come – and the very first few moments of your wedding video. Give a nod to tradition with Mendelssohn, Handel (Queen of Sheba) or Vivaldi (Four Seasons), or pick your favourite track for the wedding violinist to play. Hear him play it live on Skype or FaceTime before the big day so you can time your walk down the aisle to perfection.


Encouraging the reluctant to sing!

It’s quite possible that the majority of your congregation are not regular churchgoers and find it difficult to raise their voices in song. An experienced violinist can help dismiss any nerves and join in with the organist if appropriate, or lead the congregation alone.

Signing the Register

Music for the signing of the register

As you complete the legalities of marriage and then pose for photos, music of your choice fills the church and keeps your guests entertained. This violin music can be subtle or celebratory – it is really up to you and your tastes! You should pick up to four tracks for the violinist to play, in order of preference. If the violinist does not get to track 3 or 4, he will save it up for later.

The Recessional

Music for the departure of the married couple

Everyone applauds the newly married couple as they leave the church, and this is your chance you hear celebratory and joyous music on the violin as you all move outside to begin the celebrations. Popular choices include Greatest Day, Signed Sealed Delivered and One Day Like This – but you can pick anything for the wedding violinist to play.

Civil Wedding Ceremony Music

Civil ceremonies are generally shorter than those in a church or other religious building, and so selecting the right music becomes even more important. The bride enters, the register is signed and the married couple leave the ceremony, just like in a church; but there is often more freedom in your choice of music, provided it is not religious.

Can I include Angels by Robbie Williams?

The law dictates that:

Civil ceremonies can include readings, songs or music, but must not include anything that’s religious, eg hymns or readings from the Bible

When it comes to music, the definition of ‘religious’ is left to the registrar or senior registrar. Wedding violinist Simon Jordan has played all over the UK and sees this being applied in so many different ways!

  • A registrar in Swansea would not allow the performance of ‘Angels’ by Robin Williams, while it was allowed in a ceremony in Cliveden, Bucks
  • Ave Maria was allowed to be performed on the violin (not sung) in Coventry, but not in Southampton

Consider your music carefully, and if in doubt, always phone your registrar to check. Or contact the General Register Office on 0300 123 1837 for advice – though the decision is always left to the registrar on the day. Remember this aspect of law applies just to the contents of the ceremony, so you can select anything you like for the prelude (as your guests take their seats).

Music in a civil ceremony

  • Music to encourage your guests to take their seats

  • The bride’s entrance

  • The signing of the register

  • The married couple and guests leave the ceremony

Violinist Simon Jordan is unique amongst musicians in that he will play your choice of music. One couple asked him to play Nirvana throughout their ceremony; one bride sang her way down the aisle as he played; and another bride asked him to play ‘The Final Countdown‘ as her nervous groom waited for her arrival!

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The best decision I ever made was hiring a violinist - and the best one out there is Simon Jordan.
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