Music for Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast

After your marriage ceremony, it is time to celebrate! Live music can play an important role in breaking the ice and establishing a great atmosphere for this next part of your day, while you are off being photographed or relaxing at the wedding breakfast. Please see below for a guide to these parts of the day and the role a solo violinist like Simon Jordan can play.

Music at Your Drinks Reception

Those relatives or friends who have only just met, or have not seen each other in 20 years, are going to be left to their own devices as your photographer takes charge and spends the next hour or 90 minutes photographing you. So you’ll need a mood setter or conversation starter to the get the party flowing. A live violinist like Simon Jordan can move around between the guests, taking requests, playing for people as they congregate in different locations. Other violinists – who play with backing tracks – are limited in their range of music, are tethered to a large PA system, and are not so adaptable to the occasion. Also, they cannot play outside.

Getting the music right here is vital. The music or musician you choose can be the focal point of the afternoon, but should not overstep the mark – you do not want your guests to shout so they can be heard!

Music at the Wedding Breakfast

The meal that follows the ceremony and drinks reception is normally a lavish affair and has been called a wedding breakfast, though it very rarely occurs in the morning! Aside from the ceremony, it is really the focal point – and vocal point – of the day, an opportunity for everyone to catch up with the day, and life’s events. It is here that the main men – the groom, best man, father of the bride – have their say, often followed these days by the bride and matron of honour. Music played during the meal should allow the conversation to flow and also can be a conversation starter, allowing guests to relax and to listen in if they wish.