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Growing up in Buckinghamshire, Simon learnt to play the violin at age of five via the famous Suzuki Violin Method. He was one of a very small number of children to experience this method in the 1980s – it has since mushroomed across the globe. He gave up a day of school each week to travel up to London for this high-intensity training. This early musical education encouraged him to learn to play music by ear without sheet music, and this notion opened up a whole world of musical creativity and a passion for improvisation. Classically trained throughout school, Simon won a host of musical awards both on a local and national scale. He now plays the acoustic and electric violin in London, throughout the UK, and around the world as a soloist, as well as with other musicians in live acts. 

Simon’s performances include Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at the Royal Festival Hall, the world premiere of his Symphony at London’s South Bank Centre, and performances each year for the prime minister’s Christmas party at Chequers.

Simon has a wealth of experience performing for celebrities and clients including George Clooney, Daimler, BMW, Barclays Bank and the BBC.

Simon plays a 19th-century French violin, a 20th-century English instrument, and a selection of Yamaha 5-string electric violins.

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